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 December 19th, 2017

"Circles - New Music"

Kate Usher & the Sturdy Souls release their new extended play album, Circles. Listen to their new music at


  January 3, 2016

   "Spend time, not money"

Is there a difference between being rich and having lots of money? Maybe wealth needs to be redefined. "Dead Broke But Living Large" is the idea that a person need not have money in order to have wealth. Having put a lot of time into the EP, I have learned that how you spend your time is much more important than how you spend your money. So I am excited to announce the release of my new EP, Dead Broke But Living Large. You can go to my music page or to iTunes to listen to my new EP for free, or you can order a physical copy of the CD by donating $5. If the music pleases your ears then don't forget to join my mailing list, or follow me on social media. Have a good one & spend your time wisely. 

   October 3, 2015

   "Music is the Sound of Emotion"

Cover songs are cool. Gigs are fun. Jamming is great; but there is nothing as rewarding or enjoyable as producing an original song. The past two months I have been working laboriously on a 5 - song EP, "Dead Broke but Living Large." The EP is all original songs, self-produced and will be released on iTunes on December 23rd. Stay up to date by checking my social media pages or by joining my contact list. 

   September 12, 2015

   "Pay It Forward"

Come to the Montauk Beach House: 

Saturday, September 26th, from 4-9 PM for a fundraising collaboration of art, music, and good times. The event benefits a great cause, A Walk On Water, a charity that teaches special needs children how to surf.

How do you help? By attending the event (and maybe buying a drink or some art). I will be donating a live music performance from 4-6 PM.

If you can’t make it, don’t worry. You can also join the Walk on Water team at Ditch Plains Beach this Saturday and Sunday. All helping hands are welcome; no surfing experience needed.

Find out more about the event at: